Learn about the technologies we use 

Below you’ll find descriptions of some of the modern dental technologies used in our practice.

Digital Xrays 
We use the top-of-the-line digital x-ray sensor from Gendex. Digital x-rays are one of the greatest modern advancements in dentistry, offering increased detail, better clarity, and only a fraction of the radiation of traditional x-rays. The full list of benefits includes:

Reduced exposure to radiation
Large imaging with more detail means you get a better understanding of your treatment
Environmentally friendly (no chemicals for developing film)
Instant results—less waiting time and shorter appointments
Images can instantly be sent to a specialist for co-diagnosis and treatment
Can compare images over time to better determine your dental condition
Can interlay measuring instruments, color markings and other clinical tools for more accurate treatment

Intraoral camera
The revolutionary camera works like the human eye to effortlessly capture clear, detailed images. Intra-oral cameras allow patients to see problems with their teeth and/or gums including tarnished or broken fillings, fractured teeth, tooth decay, bleeding gums and plaque. The intra-oral camera is an indispensable diagnostic and educational tool which is fully utilized by our doctors, specifically for those purposes and to enhance communication with our patients. 

Practice Management Software
Our paperless environment not only makes our office “green” but also gives us the ability to communicate with other medical providers if necessary.